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Sound Shield

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Voice in, noise out.

A solution for business travelers and busy lifestyles, Sound Shield improves the quality of any call taken on the go. 
  • Blocks out background noise in busy public areas or loud environments such as coffee shops and shared work spaces
  • Insulated mouthpiece enhances the clarity of speaker's voice while reducing surrounding noise
  • Attaches to headphone cords and sits in front of mouth for added amplification
  • Lightweight design provides hands-free functionality for multi-tasking
  • Easily connects to and is compatible with most headphone brands
  • Measures 2.0" x 2.0" x 1.0"
  • Made of foam and polymer
 Available in white.
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1 Review

Bob Patenam Nov 8th 2018


I wasn't sure about this initially but it actually does the job pretty well and I don't have to hold the microphone piece to my mouth now when I head to work. Had a few people asking me about it, turned out to be an interesting talking point as well.

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