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palmi Multicolor 3-Pack

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The effortless way to open anything.

Minimalist and lightweight, palmi provides a no-slip grip for any stubborn lids and caps activity.
  • Prevents having to struggle with stubborn or stuck lids, jars and bottles 
  • Protects your palms from blisters, callouses and rough or ripped skin to keep hands soft and smooth
  • Industrial-grade rubber provides the most durable grip for even the most stubborn situations
  • Fingerless design provides a comfortable and safe grip during use
  • Versatile and can be used for twisting off and removing caps for jars, wine, beer or water bottles and other food or drink containers 
  • Suitable for for sweeping, gardening and lifting heavy household items
  • Machine-washable
  • Measures 4.0" x 0.2" x 5"
  • Made of neoprene and industrial-grade rubber
Multi-pack includes 3 pairs of palmi in red, blue and gray (one pair per color).
Available for purchase individually in red, blue or gray.
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