Hair. It’s everywhere.

And cleaning it out of your tub and shower drain is never an easy task.

You’ve probably tried it all before — vinegar and boiling water, chemical-laden liquids, bent hangers, every “trick” in the book — and nothing seems to last, or at least not long enough.

The struggle with constant clogs, the recurring costs to clear your pipes... the question you ask yourself isn't whether or not your drain is going to clog, it's "when." 

But it doesn't have to be that way.

Not when you can prevent clogs from forming, instead of fighting them. 

Easier said than done? 

Hair catchers are an affordable and practical way to prevent clogs... in theory. 

The trouble is, they tend to look cheap, out of place or mismatched in clean, chic and upscale bathrooms. (Seriously. Have you seen the hair catchers out there?)

That's why we created Tub Flo.

Easier than ever.

Tub Flo is the first hair catcher of its kind: specifically designed to be beautiful, and as elegant as it is effective.

Not only does Tub Flo conceal loose strands of hair and stop hair from entering your drain, but its chrome finish has been fashioned to match your bathroom’s fixtures and seamlessly blend in with brands such as Kalista, Kohler and Grohe, among others.

Not convinced?

Let us give you a quick run down...

What is it?

Tub Flo is a hair catcher that prevents clogs from forming in tub, shower and sink drains without sacrificing style or beauty in the bathroom.

What makes it different?

Hair catchers already exist, but the alternatives are — to be frank — ugly.

(You know what we’re talking about. The ones covered with perforated holes, ones with an awkward bulge popping up out of the middle, ones that are childishly fluorescent...)

Tub Flo is the most beautifully-engineered hair catcher on the market, made of solid and high-grade, durable stainless steel.

Strategically designed to catch and conceal loose hair, Tub Flo features a chrome cover that keeps any trapped debris out of sight so your bathroom stays beautiful.

Who should use it?

Anyone with hair. But especially anyone with hair that shares a bathroom with a roommate or family members.

How do I use it?

Easily. Place Tub Flo over your drain and shower away.

There’s no installation required — no tools, no unscrewing drains, no cumbersome insertion or removal process. To clean, just lift Tub Flo and remove hair with a paper towel or napkin then return to its place above the drain.

Is there anything else I should know?

Yes! Tub Flo has a universal fit, so it works for tub, shower and sink drains of any size without any trouble.